by Holger Wiek

Bedlam – The story of Laura who, in the Victorian age, is imprisoned as an inmate in the terrifying psychiatric ward of the Bethlem Royal Hospital, Bedlam for short, and who tells her story to the psychologist Dr Jaqueline Seward. The story of her life and her relationship with Carmilla, an exceptional young woman who has driven Laura to madness, is based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella „Carmilla“ from 1872.

Elisabeth Báthory

by Holger Wiek and Michael Schürger

Elisa, a quiet, introverted, seventeen-year-old student is haunted by terrible nightmares for which there seems to be no explanation. Together with her best friend Jeanine and a classmate, Sarah, she runs away from home to find out the origin of her dreams. Her way leads her to Paris, where Elisa discovers the terrible truth about herself and her very personal relationship to the Hungarian blood countess Elisabeth Báthory. But does this knowledge help her in her fight against the evil that accompanies her on her way and wants to bring her to disaster?

Dreaming Dracula

by Alexander Korjagin and Holger Wiek

The stormy wind blew the low, grey clouds over the gloomy sky and it was difficult for her to hold the thin sheet of paper, written with only a few lines, calmly in her hand. She had been so happy to receive news from her fiancé in Romania, but the cold that crawled towards her from the written, every single word, every single letter, made her tremble with fear and anxiety for it.
A school theatre group was working on the performance of the horror drama „Dracula“. Dissatisfied with the script, a schoolgirl sets off on a search for the origins of the material and thus embarks on a journey into the depths of her soul…